Saturday, June 28, 2008

Who's go the beat?

Well i guess it's about time for me to update, hmmm.....what's going on with the Adams. Well not much really. Ezekiel's drum set just came in so Andy is going to try to set it up while we are at a party today to surprise him. Caleb says he's doing well for not having a set so hopefully he'll just take off now that he can practice anytime he wants. Although i think it was daddy's wish to get a set to, he'd like to try his hand in playing as well. It will be fun to watch Ezekiel teach Andy and Gabriel:) We got a really great deal on it. Bobby is a dealer for some kind of music thing and got it for us at cost, $219 for a set that retails for over $700, yeah what a deal. It sounds silly for us to buy one right now with the adoption taking so much of our money but we knew this was the right time and with how well Ezekiel is doing i think it shows it was time. Wow 7 years old maybe by the time he's 8 he'll be able to play on the worship team. Although it's not just about being able to play, we want him to know what worship is and be able to lead a lifestyle of worship, not just play the drums. It's so neat to be able to watch your kids come into who they are and who God is desiring them to be. Just wait, you will all see what i mean, if you haven't already.
Oh no, i forgot i just turned the oven on to make biscuits for breakfast, better go and get on that.
Play a lot today:)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's about time!

So whenever i look at other blogs and see that they haven't been updated and i think, huh they need to update it makes me think, well mine hasn't been updated in a while so there you go I'm finally updating my blog.
So last weekend we went to Portland for a day trip to take a adoption class with our agency that we are using and it was fantastic! First of all it was great to finally meet the people we have been sending our money to and talking with on the phone. But the information we learned was great! We learned a lot about Ethiopia and what a great country it is and how ethical they are on adoption and that there is some real heritage there, it was great. Then the people that were running the class have all adopted or have been to Ethiopia so we got to hear first hand the up and downs to bringing a child home and the transition between the orphanage and the flight home. I was feeling very overwhelmed and almost thinking this was going to be impossible before we went to the class and after going and hearing and meeting the people it feels very real and very much like we could have our daughter before the end of the year. How exciting is that!!! The dossier packet of paper work was very over whelming the first time i looked at it but one of the gals called me on Monday and walked me through the papers and it seems so doable now, God is so good and knew we needed to be at that class. Also we found out there's another lady in Bend who is going through the same agency and same country so I'm hoping we will get to meet and be in touch. Our daughter is coming, it's very real and only 6-8 months left!!!
What else is going on....tomorrow is the last day of school, YEAH! Ezekiel loves school but has been so tired these last couple of weeks you can just tell he's ready for a break. What are we going to do with our summer???? Lots of things outside hopefully. i think we all just feel better if we can get out and enjoy what God created for us. Hopefully we will finally be done with spring, it has been rainy and cold for about 3 weeks finally it's suppose to stay in the 70/80's for a while, hot that's what i like.
Well i guess that's all that's going on in our life right now of course this has been a busy week, something every night and it doesn't end until next Tuesday but oh well, i love God's grace.
Live in the Grace of God today!