Friday, August 29, 2008


So i can't remember if i've spilled the beans already or not but Rob and Vicki are having a baby!!! Not only one but they just found out they are having twins! The first set in the family, we are all so excited. Rob just sounded giddy on the phone when he called. So i guess two of everything for them:) All seems to be well in their family. Boys are starting sports, Kendal soccer and Christian football (just in case you were wondering where my boys get it from) and school starts too, next week, one weekend left.
Ezekiel is all signed up for flag football and eagerly awaiting the phone call with all the details, Gabriel is all ready for kindergarten soccer i think he's going to do really well. We had the chance to go and meet Ezekiel's teacher last night, Mrs. McDerrmot (sp?) i think she is going to be lovely. We won't know who Gabriel's teacher is until after he tests next week, we'll know Friday and will have to opportunity to go in and meet her. He's going to do great this year. Ezekiel is in the new wing of the school so he's really excited.
Homefront, business is going well, busy but Andy still has time to come home and rest so that's good. We are looking to hire our first employee here pretty soon so that will be great and help take some of the load off Andy.
Our adoption....adoption is a funny thing some days you feel great about it and some you don't. Like yesterday we got hit again by another obstacle. You feel so close and then some more hoops sneak in that you have to jump through. So we have to get health insurance on the whole family, okay i totally see the need for that. i go to the internet find some that we can actually afford and apply. Well it takes over a month for them to get back to us and then i find out that they won't insure me because i'm over the weight they think i should be. Which i could accept if it were somehow effecting my health, which it's not. So now i have to appeal, got a letter from my doctor and will send it end and who knows, i'm praying that it will work because once again this is something we need to send in with our home study. ARGGGG this is so frustrating. So today it's feeling a little like it's never going to happen. However in writing that i guess i should take my own advise and change how i'm speaking to change the atmosphere. My words have power and i want Godly power so by faith i claim that our daughter is waiting and fulfilling her role while she's there and she will be here in just a few/4 short months, it will happen because God says so.
Well the kids are all starting to wake up so i need to go for now....
Change the atmosphere today!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I know I suck

i know i suck, i haven't updated my blog in forever. And guess what this is going to be a short one, i have a dinner to get ready for and it's 5:00. So what's happening, went camping at Crater Lake with the family, had a blast great weather, tons of fun. Went on vacation, Oregon Caves, Redwoods, Brookings, Eugene, and Salem. Lots of little stories there, like why mapquest is retarded, but I'll have to dig into those later. This weekend the boys and i are heading to Eugene again to spend time with Tina and Rob and family. Going to go shopping for bridesmaid dresses, yeah shopping. Uncle Rob has the day planned out with the boys, he's on duty since daddy is staying home. Finished our adoption classes now just waiting to get part 2 of the home study done. There you go that's life in a blog shell for Sara.
I'll post more when i get back:)
Be Blessed!