Friday, February 13, 2009


Two things in my life right now that i'm looking at and saying no way to.
#1 We just got our taxes done and are receiving more back this year than ever before, our travel to Ethiopia will totally be paid for, no more worrying!!! YEAH GOD, He always comes through.
#2 My little Ezekiel is going to be turning 8 on Sunday!!!! Wow, it so hard to believe he's almost 8. Years go by so fast now it's just incredible. i need to figure out better ways of keeping track of neat things that they do. 8 seems like a milestone for some reason. i know in our family 12 is a huge milestone but also 8. We feel like it's time to give Ezekiel more responsibilities and to let go a little. We are going to be coming up with a list of chores for him, we will let him start the car for us, no more holding hands in the parking lot (unless of course mommy wants to) just little things but i know to him they will be really big. He's such an awesome little man if you know him you know that, if you don't know him you'll just have to take my word. Ezekiel is a blessing that i never could have imagined. We were able to have a moment the other night, he couldn't sleep so i just held him for a while. It was great to remind him that no matter how big he gets, he will always have room on mommy's lap, he's always welcome.
Anyhow, just a short little update with my thoughts. Speaking of thoughts, our car door broke last night. You have to love automatic doors right??? But when the door decides to lock itself before it's actually closed really sucks. Luckily Andy was with me so he sat in the back holding the door closed. Getting home realizing he can't fix it so now it sits jimmy rigged closed in able for me to take it somewhere. So now instead of having a relax day picking things up for Ezekiel's party, valentines and getting ready for wife day (which is today, YEAH) i have to try to find someone who can get it in and fix it today, yeah for me.
That's it, be blessed!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Prayer for Stella

Okay so at Saturday night prayer at church we dedicated the first 1/2 hour, which ended up being 50 minutes, to praying for Stella with worship too. It was great. Charissa lead worship, i love Charissa. One of the songs she picked was Bring Restoration. Instantly as she started to sing i knew this was Stella's song, here are the words:
Bring restoration, bring restoration, bring restoration to my soul, bring restoration, bring restoration bring restoration to my soul, you've taken my shame, called me by a new name, taken my pain and in it's place you give me joy, bring restoration, bring restoration, bring restoration to my soul.
There's a second verse by i have to email Charissa to get it, anyhow this was Stella's song. As her mom i was so overwhelmed with the Lords heart for her. Even though she's not here yet the Lord so wants to heal her little heart and soul, it was such an awesome time. Then we read parts of Psalm 31 which was great, had a time of prayer and prophecy which of course was awesome. It just felt great to know that everyone is with us and our family is carrying this with us, we are not alone. Then later on when we got home, Andy went to bed he wasn't feeling well and Josh D. called me to say that their family had sat down and taken time to pray for our family and the words his girls got were just awesome and blessed me so much, Zephaniah 3:17 "The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing." How awesome is that the Lord is saying that for Stella. Then each of his girls prayed awesome prayers, which i have written down. i was just so blessed that they did that for us. Also before prayer Nanci had asked the boys with Andy's help to craft a prayer for Stella and here is that prayer:
"We praise you Lord and give You thanks for baby sister and we ask for protection, that You would lead and guide her wherever she goes. Taking care of her with divine health and no weaknesses. We pray that you would show her loving kindness with no fear. We ask that You would bring her home quick so we can play with her and show her how much we love her."
My boys are awesome and we have been continuing to pray this prayer.
I'm just so thankful that the Lord is in control and that i get to put my hope in Him, He never changes and He has good gifts for His kids.
So today, look for your gift!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Here you go...

Finally an update, but really does anyone actually read these anymore now that there's facebook, i know i do i'm just not sure about anyone else. Oh well here it goes anyways.
So we are officially waiting now for our daughter Stella to get matched to our family. Our papers arrived in Ethiopia on January 24,2009, so now we wait some more. They say a good 4-6 months but that's just to long for me so we will wait but are praying it's quicker than they say. Still working on getting people here to paint butterflies in her room, it's so much fun seeing what people paint i can't wait until more people come, it's so much better than i could have expected. i finally finished her blanket, it says baby sister on it. We pray for her daily and know she is in the Lords hands and that He is watching over her preparing her to come home. i think this Saturday for prayer at church we will be devoting some time to pray for her so if you're reading this, come and if you're out of town it will be around 6:30, pray where you are for her to be released quickly into our family.
The boys, Ezekiel got strep but you would never have known it he was such a trooper and so bummed he had to miss 2 days of school, i hope that last. Gabriel is good, we have to teach him a hard lesson about taking what is not his but it's a great time for him to learn. Andy's great, he continues to amaze me. He works so hard every day and does so many extra things and never complains, he's the best ever. i even hear wife day may be next week which is ironic seeing how Valentines is on Saturday, wife day will be Friday, yeah i love wife day.
Well i'm working out and feeling great, still have kept the 20lbs off from my fast which makes me really happy. i didn't know if as soon as i started eating it would all come back on but it hasn't. Hoping to loose another 5 by wife day, better get back on the elliptical 45 minutes might not be enough.
Friends, aren't friends the best!!! Nothing beats having conversations with people you love enough to be your family but by blood they are not. Anyone wants to go for coffee i'm open most days, not Tuesday though that's my day at school.
God, God is the best too. It amazes me how if i get time with Him my day just goes better, i feel better, i get everything accomplished, i talk to the right people to help me through what ever is going on. i love that He looks out for me. He's such a good daddy, even when our earthly daddy's do a horrible job and leave messes that we have to clean up God always makes the way to clean them up, He's so good.
Well i guess that's all i have for now, until next time pray for Stella please!