Saturday, May 24, 2008


Okay so here's the update! Rob & Vicki's wedding was great! She is so beautiful and it was such an elegant wedding. However the weather could have been a little cooler. Nothing like having a reception in 95 degree heat with all Chocolates! Needless to say everything was melting and everyone was wet with sweat but it was lots of fun. i of course was so busy with everything at the reception that i totally didn't get a chance to say good bye to anyone, so if that was you i apologize! i'm so glad to have a new sister and am so looking forward to spending some time with them. So the next day we went to the beach and boy was that fun. Cloudy of course but that didn't stop us. We flew kites, made sand castles and of course got wet! We took Christian with us so the boys were in heaven to have their cousin there. i love the beach, oh to be only an hours drive away, that would be great.
Then last night i went to Kim Spot-Haaby's wedding. It was great only i was solo with the kids. Andy had a men's thing at church but i really wanted to go and support them. It was all great until Tammy, Kim's sister, sang during the ceremony. i was a mess from that point on. i think i was just missing Allison and it felt like she should've been there you know. She was such a huge part of that family, and i know i am too but she is the one who started our togetherness as family's. I hate that emotions can come on so quick and take over. i held it together for most of the night until Becky found me then i started crying again. So i guess i'm just saying that to say that i do miss Allison, very much and you never know when it's going to show or what will spark the emotion. i am so grateful for all the new life happening around me. God is such a faithful and good God.
So it's raining out and Brynne and Ben are over for the day so i guess it's time to find a new activity for them. Outside is now out of the picture.
Laugh today and smile galore:):):)


Monday, May 12, 2008

5 Days Left

Well so we are down to 5 days left for Rob & Vicki's wedding, Yeah. i'm so excited for them to start their new life together. We went down this last weekend for her last shower and we will be heading down Thursday to be able to help all day Friday to get everything ready. So for this week i have lots of choc to make, cookie dough truffles and i still need to dip some peanut butter balls, i have them made though so it won't take to long. It should be a great time, i know i'm looking forward to it. Oh yes and i still have to find a shirt for Andy to wear, i'm thinking a fire red shirt with a black tie. My dress is black with white polka dots and red satin line around the top. And of course i still need to go and get a tan, spray tan here i come. i just hope i have better luck than Ross (for my Friends lovers)! i handle busy weeks all the time so here we go for one more, although this is fun stuff to have to do.
On a side note but very close to the same, Tina bought her wedding dress this weekend and it's so beautiful and it has a train which is something she really wanted but didn't have on the last dress she looked at and went in to buy. Lucky for us it wasn't there anymore and we found a couple more for her to try and she loved it, we all did. Can i tell you that is so much fun, you make an appointment at David's Bridal and then go and pick out some dresses and try them on with whoever you want there to watch, i loved it!
Well i guess if i'm going to get going on my busy week i had better stop writing and get started.
Accomplish much today!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Baby Girl

So for mother's day my mom got me this cute sign/picture thing to hang up in our daughters room it says, "Such a big miracle in such a little girl" wow, how awesome is that. For those who may not know Andy and i are adopting a girl from Africa, Ethiopia to be exact. It seems like such a long process that it's really hard to give your whole heart although it's hard to not give your whole heart too. I was glad i was side tracked when my mom gave me that gift (it was on the day of Gabriel's b-day party) because when i think about it, that's so true. Every child is such a big miracle and to know that we have a daughter in another country far away is really cool but really hard at the same time. i know she's in God's hands and she needs to be right where she is for the time but it sure is hard. God has told me that our daughter is bringing such life and joy to the nurses and workers of the orphanage she's at and that really gives me a big peace. She is a special little girl who is being used by God even at the very small age she is. You may ask, "do you know who she is yet" and the answer is not at all. We won't actually know until all the paperwork is sent in and they approve us and refer her to us. But it's funny how you can know someone just because you know the Father that made them. She is very dear to my heart and we pray for her often just as if she were already here. So if you think of her, say a prayer of thankfulness for her and the work she is doing in the hearts of the people around her. We are thinking her name will be Stella if you would like to call her by name you surely can. Pray that the paper work would pick up the pace and be finished quickly. And can i just say that i am so happy to be able to buy pink for someone other than me:) i was going to do the room in butterflies in this really cute way but i've been thinking about doing something with stars, that is what her name means, star. If you have any thoughts, let me know. Well that's all for today,
Laugh today!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Blogging, it sure is a funny thing. So i found out that not only myself but most people read all the blogs of their people everyday, yet at the same time we don't update our own everyday. How funny is that? i guess we just want to see what's going on in everyone else life but don't take the time to fill everyone in on ourselves. Or i know for me it just doesn't seem like things that take place are very interesting all the time, say like for today my morning is starting out great, i got the sheets changed by 6:30 I'm thinking oh it's going to be a productive day and then Gabriel wakes up and runs to the bathroom and i hear the dreaded sound of heaving into the toilet! Yeah, at least he made it to the bathroom. So i put in a movie make him some toast and hope that it was just a flook and he is all better? Well not so much just as we are getting our shoes on to take Ezekiel to school there he goes again, this time missing the bowl right in front of him and landing on the couch, great now i have to take a boy who's throwing up in the car because his brother has to get to school on time and well i guess the couch will just have to wait 10 minutes until i get home. Well there goes my productive day, because of course it's all running errands getting ready for Gabriel's party on Saturday and of course this is the only day to get things done. Oh well, we'll see how he's doing in a couple of hours.
Now see, that's not very exciting but i guess it's about the family and what's happening right now and i suppose that's the point of a blog, right? Well i hope you've enjoyed my ramblings for the day!
Be well today!