Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Notin much to say...

Nothing really new to say, i just wanted to be able to say that i updated my blog. Still waiting to hear that our papers are all finished and Tizibt is really ours. They say it could take a month or two so no rushing. Then after that waiting for our travel date. God is so good and we are so excited to meet our daughter. Right now it's still a very surreal feeling, knowing she's ours but not having her. i've been checking out all the clearance sections at each store looking for the best deals. We already have about 8 outfits, moms have each bought some and i've been buying here and there. She should be no older than 9 months when we get her so i've been buying 12 months, hoping that will work.
Boys are awesome, Gabriel lost his first tooth on the 5th and then 6 days later lost his second one, both on the bottom, no worries though, both the top ones are loose too! We took them to their first Monster Truck show and that was fun, very ammature(sp?) though, only 4 trucks and 1 they couldn't keep running. All in all the boys had a blast.
Andy's great, still FedEx'n it. Looking at getting another route but it just all depends on how the dice land.
Well that's it for now, we're having Joshua and Mandy over for dinner and i need to start the cornbread.
Be joyful!!!