Friday, March 27, 2009

We got it!!!

Yesterday at 3:15 pm we received the phone call that i thought would not be coming for a while. Our little girl has been matched to our family! She is absolutely precious, beautiful, delicate, scrumptious, just everything you could imagine. I am not able to post a picture just yet, but when she is officially ours i will, don't worry. We had our phone meeting today with the agency and found that it will be between 3-4 months before we can travel. I'm okay with that, just knowing that she really exists and having pictures and updates is enough to keep me going. Her birthday is Sept. 17, 2008 so she is only 6 months, how perfect is that! There are so many emotions running through my mind it's hard to describe. You sit here and look at the screen and then up pops a picture of your little girl, out of the blue totally unexpected. (I think God knows I like surprises) So now we can breathe and know who she is, oh how I'm ready to hold and kiss her but i know that too will come in God's perfect timing. So much to say, so hard to find the words to describe. So I simply just say, rejoice with me our daughter Stella is on her way!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

God's Peace!

Hello everyone! i really don't have much to say but it's been a while so i thought i would jot down some thoughts. Can i just say to have the Lord's peace is an awesome thing! i really thought the wait for Stella's referral would be really hard and the first two weeks it was. My heart would jump every time the phone rang. But then i had this revelation that God's timing is perfect and to rush ahead of that would just be silly. There's nothing in my power that i can do (except pray) so why bother wasting tons of energy on something i can't control. It's crazy, i really feel that when we get the call it will be in just the perfect time, she will be ready and so will we! The room is coming along, we are hoping to have a butterfly painting party in the next couple of weeks, other than that it's all ready. You know what else is cool about this whole thing, God is giving me a gift, the gift of a daughter, how cool is that! And it's simply because He loves me, all i have to do is sit back and receive this precious gift and that she is!
Right now we are fighting sickness with Gabriel. Last Thursday he came home from school with a fever, took him to the doctor on Sunday, nothing wrong so they say but every night shortly after dinner his little face gets flushed and the fever comes back, a week, that's crazy huh? So if you think about it say a little prayer for my little man that he would be healed and he could go back to school, he misses it! Well it's 55 degrees outside better go get some bike riding in before dinner, the boys are desperately wanting to go play.
Be Joyful!