Thursday, December 18, 2008


Well another year has come and gone and now i'm 33. Which i think it kinda a cool age, i guess i just like how it looks. Nothing to exciting for my birthday, work, clean house, Gabriel's school program, youth Christmas party. All i really wanted to do was go out to Starbucks with my family and have a coffee (i felt like that's what i could do on my fast). But maybe next time. It's so funny when you work there's just not enough hours in the day. i'm so thankful it's only for 1 more week, and maybe a couple of days. i miss cleaning the house and cooking good meals and baking. My Christmas goodies are running a little behind this year and won't be tons. Oh well, it's just food right? I got some good things for my big day, slippers (which only seem to last a year), pajama pants (which i was secretly wanting) and some perfume, just the little bottle but it will last. i've learned that it's not an everyday scent, just for special occasions.
Well we are still waiting on our last paper to get in so they can send our paperwork off, Stella is on her way, i'm just not for sure when that is. After Christmas i look forward to starting on the room. i was going to start but didn't want to start and not finish, i have enough of those kinds of projects.
Well that's the short version up date, what can i say, i'm tired.
Be blessed with time...

Friday, December 12, 2008

A few minutes...

Okay i have a few minutes so here's a quick update on life.
Our adoption, well it seems really close. Our paperwork was being reviewed and come to find out we needed to change a letter before it could be sent to Ethiopia. So the letter has been written and then the person had surgery (i have no idea on what) so hopefully it will get notarized today and then sent to the agency so our paperwork could leave the US next week and head to Ethiopia. Please pray that it leaves and gets there quickly. Also i went ahead and sent out an email to friends and family asking them for money. i really DON'T enjoy doing this however, we have a need and if no one knows about it than how can it be met. So i did, I've heard some little response and that's okay. i know the money will be there when it needs to be and if not we always have the ugly Visa. Still feel in our hearts that we will be traveling by January, i know crazy but our God is a big God and can make the impossible possible!!!
The boys, Ezekiel had his Christmas program last night at school, it was really cute but really long. It started at 7 and didn't end until 8:30. i know that doesn't sound long but when your kids usually go to bed at 7:30 it can be really long. Gabriel's program is on my birthday next week from 6-7, then after that at 7 we will have a youth Christmas party here at the house. CRAZY but that's the only time we have.
Work, work is picking up so that's great. i've been working most days and from this point will work every day until Christmas. Which is good, extra money for paying taxes, trust me we need it. It's so expensive having an employee.
Andy, Andy's great, just tired. He gets up 4:45 and goes to bed around 9-10 and works very hard during the day and then we have lots of things in the evenings so he's good, just tired.
And me, well i'm doing pretty good. i'm on a 40 day liquid fast that will take me into the new year and it's going surprising well. i was really concerned having to work and drinking only juice and protein shakes but God has been faithful and i'm doing good. i to am tired but things still have to get done. Just last night i told Andy i couldn't believe the maid had forgotten to do the dished (me) but you know what, they are still there today and will get done today so that's okay. Although today she needs to change the sheets too.
So it's almost Christmas and doesn't really feel real, don't know why. Every time i get into the car i have the Christmas music on full blast. i guess when we finish our shopping and wrap the presents and put them under the tree then maybe it will seem real.
So be blessed take every moment in step with the Lord and be joyful.