Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Well not much to post on today. i got my hair cut yesterday, it's cute, a little short but i figure that way it will be perfect for Tina's wedding. Speaking of which i'm headed over there this weekend to spend some time with her and mom and do some wedding stuff. She has a shower, one of three, on Saturday.
i've been thinking about our daughter a lot lately. She's so awesome and i haven't even met her yet, it's a weird thing. i love her though and i pray for her all the time. The Lord gave me this new idea for her room. i want to paint butterflies on one wall and i just haven't had the motivation to start (i was finishing the boys room first) but i feel like i'm suppose to have all our family and close friends, that want to, come over and paint their own butterfly. We will provide the paint that way it matches but then all our loved ones will get to take part in welcoming her into our home. What do you think? i think it's a cool idea and will turn out great! So that could be a heads up for all of you reading, find a butterfly you like. i will send an email invitation when time gets closer, i'm no where near ready to start painting yet.
The boys are doing great. Ezekiel had his first flag football game, i don't quite think he gets it yet, but he had fun playing and that's what counts. Gabriel likes soccer, Andy and i ended up being the coaches. Mostly Andy seeing how i'll be gone for 2 of the 5 games. It was fun though and Gabriel did great. Ezekiel is getting 2 awards at school on Friday (they are a surprise) he's getting the sportsmanship award from PE and the Friendship award from his teacher, pretty cool. i of course won't be there to see it as i will be in Eugene. i missed it last year too when he got awards. They give them out at the school assembly, it's pretty fun!
Well i guess that's all i have for right now.
Enjoy the day!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gabriel is a big kindergartner!!! Yesterday was Gabriel's first day of school and of course just like his big brother the greatest thing of all was being able to ride the bus. He said he had a great day i asked lots of questions and got some fairly good answers. He is excited to go back, yeah! Of course last night as i was putting them to bed came the question that comes every night, what are we doing tomorrow? Well i replied you get to go to school, every day. His response was, well do i get to ride the bus again??? So funny to me that that is the one thing that just makes my boys really happy.
On a side note my first day of being kid free was pretty good. Of course Andy called and i needed to help him out for about an hour but i didn't have to find a sitter so that was great, plus i still was able to go walk the river trail before i needed to go and that was just wonderful, something i am looking forward to on a daily basis (when i don't have the little ones). Lots of shopping, cleaning, i enjoyed it so very much. And today i have Emma and Samuel so we will go for a walk and enjoy the day with them.
Rejoice in the day the Lord has given you!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well school started this week and i forgot to get a picture of Ezekiel on his first day. Oh well, i don't think he really cares. Ezekiel loves school and has the opportunity to make new friends this year as he has a lot of different kids in his class. i like that thought there are tons of kids in his school so it's great to meet new people and make new friends. Gabriel had his "testing" yesterday, i think he did great. When i walked in the teacher that i didn't know says, so i hear your adopting. i love that my boys are always thinking about baby sister and how even though we don't have a picture or know who she is they very much are in love with her and tell everyone about her. i think he's going to do great. He was a little nervous and asked if i was going to stay with him luckily i told him we'd have to wait and see what the teachers wanted. They of course took the kids away and left all the parents in the library. He walked away just fine. It was funny to me listening to the other moms there and how they just knew they were going to fall apart come Monday and be sobbing messes. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not me. I'm so glad for my kids and them taking each new step that comes with age and the thought of having a couple of hours to myself everyday just makes me giddy. i guess i'm just not that crying mom, i'm sure it will come sometime i just don't know when. Maybe for 6th grade, that's big stuff!
What am i going to be doing with all that time, well first of all i will be in the class room once a week for each of them so there goes 2 days and i have Emma and Samuel for 2 days so that really only leaves 1 day for just me. My goal with this new time and season is just to focus on me and the house. i am going to start walking the river trail, which i love, and i will start getting Stella's room ready, a little at a time. There's a lot that needs to be cleaned out and then it needs painted and things need to be put away, lots of fun stuff. On a side note if anyone finds a day bed in good condition with a trundle, let me know, the one i thought was guaranteed is no longer. i also need to finish painting the super hero symbols in the boys room. So it sounds selfish but i really feel that this time is suppose to be about me and the family and you know what, i'm okay with that. Because i'm sure very soon it will be a new season and i will be grateful that i had this one.
Well that's the update for today. I'll write more next week to let you know how Gabriel's first day went!!!
Be blessed and bless others!