Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1 week 1 day

Okay so we are down to 1 week 1 day before we take off to get our baby girl, can you believe that, I'm having a hard time believing it. It seems there's so much to do and it just doesn't seem like there's enough time. Let's see it's only 8:15 and I've already cleaned the bathroom including the shower. I'm sure everything will get done that "needs" to get done. On top of that we received yet another packet of paperwork to fill out i looked at it and put it away. It looks so confusing am I suppose to put my name, Stella's name ugh! We have a conference call today with the agency to get it figured out but really I'm ready to be done with the paperwork. I know there will be some when we get back but we will have Stella and then i can do it but seriously now, no thank you, I could totally do without. On top of that we are purchasing another route with FedEx, which is totally a God thing and we are so blessed to be doing but I'm just not sure it will be finalized before we go, prayers are appreciated!!! The boys are doing great, having fun counting down the days until mom and dad leave to get baby sister. We have been trying to spend lots of time with them, just blessing them and surprising them. I sat Ezekiel down to talk with him and asked if he's been enjoying all the surprises and he replied yes of course. then i went on the explain that when baby sister gets here things may be a little different for a while just trying to get her adjusted and he got all serious and said "mom are we not going to do surprises with baby sister" i thought that was so cute, he wanted her to get surprises too. i explained that yes we would but it may be a while. Needless to say that night Andy and i sat down and looked at the calendar to plan a weekend away with the kids before school starts. Well the kids are starting to wake up, that will be it for now.
Laugh today!


Brad and Fran Hoagland said...

Wow! That close to travelling. I am so so excited for you and cannot wait to hear the details of your travels so take lots of notes!

Becky and Naing said...

Glad things are going well with Stella. We do know the Garcia's we will probably be traveling at the same time.