Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ethiopia day 3

So today we had our breakfast around 8 and then went to Sinayue's office to finish up our paperwork. Got to the kids around 10:45. Stella was doing great, we decided it was time to take her with us, and the others did the same. We grabbed them up and loaded into the cars. It was almost time for lunch so we headed to the hotel to eat. Stella was awesome! She fell asleep in the car ride and had a great nap, about 45 minutes. She woke up and had some "pourage". She did great eating from Andy and I-we switched 1/2 way so we too could eat. After lunch we all headed back to the guest house for some naps and rest. i laid down with Stella for a while and just enjoyed being with her but she wasn't sleeping so we got up and walked for a bit and then i finally just laid her in the crib to let her fall asleep on her own and she did. Right now I'm waiting for her to wake so i can give her a bottle, it's 4:00. then at 5 we will take her back to the orphanage, i think Andy and I need one more good nights sleep before bringing her home with us. Plus we want her to sleep well to o. We did find out that we will meet with the Doctor on Wednesday at 2:30.

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